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Hyperton X

Correcting Imbalanced Muscles

What is a Hypertonic Muscle?

“a muscle in an over-protective state” due to
  • pain
  • weakness – due to muscle proprioceptors being in a confused state, and/or
  • restricted range of movement or motion

This situation may be caused by

  • over exertion: work, athletics, sport, dance, injury or accident;
  • misuse: poor posture, sitting, high heels;
  • emotional stress: jaw clenching, neck and shoulder tightening;
  • quick unexpected movement: slip, jerk or fall

The muscle shuts down leaving you with a restricted range of movement and the secondary muscles around it have to take up the additional load which causes them to get fatigued very fast.

Hyperton-x correction effectively re-synchronises the proprioceptors, restoring the muscle to normal function.

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