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Bulging Disc

Bowen Me / Bulging Disc

Natural Therapies can help, you don't need surgery

In 2007 I started training to become a 2009 and 2010 WFF Figure Competitor.   I pushed my body to extreme limits to bulk up and diet down.
6 weeks after my second competition I suffered severe pain and spasms in my L5/S1 disc area which travelled down my leg.  I was unable to lie flat, stand straight or walk without a severe sideways limp for 11 months.
I received 3 different diagnosis/treatment options from the same CT scans 
Doctor – “bulging disc, only surgery will fix”;
Specialist – “large ruptured disc, only surgery will fix”; and
Natural Therapist –  “bulging disc, natural therapies can help, you don’t need surgery”.
And so my journey into bulging disc treatment using natural therapies began.
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