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About Me

Tracey Kendall


  • Bowtech Bowen Therapy Cert IV
  • Smart Bowen Therapy Diploma
  • Hormonal Bowen Therapy
  • Emmett Therapy
  • Dorn Spinal Therapy
  • Applied Myoskeletal Therapy
  • Hyperton-x
  • Myofascial Cupping Therapy
  • Modern Cupping Techniques
  • Reflexology
  • Senior First Aid

As of 1st April 2019, private health insurance will no longer cover Bowen Therapy so you will not receive rebates.

Your options are:
  • Let your Insurer decide what therapy you must use; or
  • Make your own decision based on the information what you’ve read on this website and testimonials to back it up. faster.

Natural Therapies can help, you don't need surgery

In 2007 I started training to become a 2009 and 2010 WFF Figure Competitor.   I pushed my body to extreme limits to bulk up and diet down.
6 weeks after my second competition I suffered severe pain and spasms in my L5/S1 disc area which travelled down my leg.  I was unable to lie flat, stand straight or walk without a severe sideways limp for 11 months.
I received 3 different diagnosis/treatment options from the same CT scans 
Doctor – “bulging disc, only surgery will fix”;
Specialist – “large ruptured disc, only surgery will fix”; and
Natural Therapist –  “bulging disc, natural therapies can help, you don’t need surgery”.
And so my journey into bulging disc treatment using natural therapies began.
This experience changed my career path.
I now have the enormous satisfaction of helping people, specialising in bulging disc pain.  I have kept many clients off the surgery table and educated them how to manage their bulging discs so they don’t deteriorate or rupture and they have gone on to live a pain free life.  
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