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Relax | Balance | Feel Well

Bowen Me provides multiple natural therapies, treating both structural and muscular problems for all people of all ages.

Bowen Therapy

Aligning muscular structure of the body.


Calm an inflamed, knotted body and spine.

Bulging Disc

Get the right treatment the first time!

Spinal Therapy

Gentle alternative in aligning vertebras.

Helpful Articles

View and download helpful articles relating to your condition or treatment and stay informed of new procedures/techniques.

Videos to Watch

Discover some interesting viewing on our new youtube channel explaining how the various parts of our bodies function and what treatments are recommended.

Tips & Tools

Take away with you handy ``at home`` tips and tools that you can do without the guided supervision of your friendly bowen therapist.

Because You Matter

Bowen moves may be done on skin, or through light clothing. The technique consists of a series of gentle rolling moves over fascia influencing the muscles and tendons, using a light touch. I design treatments specifically for you as bodies suffer differently. Treating the body in a gentle way helps to unlock tight muscles and realign them faster.

Relief from pain

Relief from pain, long-term injuries and illnesses, improved health and flexibility improved sporting performance, and relaxation.

Knowledge is Power

Education is vital in correcting your misalignments. Learn how to manage and prevent your pain at home, work and during sleep.

Improved Health & Flexibility

Asthma and hayfever, indigestion, constipation, migraines, menstrual problems, lymphatic drainage, chronic fatigue, depression and more.

Improve Your Life

A Bowen Therapy Treatment, whether to address a specific problem or maintain a healthy body, is the essence of simplicity. Appropriate to use on everyone – babies, pregnant women, the elderly and those with long term pain. Call today to organise your next session or to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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Happy Customers

I have been having treatments with Tracey for over a year now. She helps keep my body aligned and balanced. She is thorough and uses a variety of modalities to get results and to create a holistic treatment. I highly recommend seeing Tracey if you are suffering chronic pain, migraines or disc problems.

Kate Kimber

Bowen Me Client

Cervicogenic dizziness After trying physio for several months to reduce the stiffness and pain in my neck, I decided to give Bowen therapy a go. My friend who had suffered with a bulging disc highly recommended Tracey. I was experiencing a feeling of being off balance particularly when driving and it was really affecting my confidence and increasing my anxiety. Tracey really listened to my troubles and set about trying to help me. She gave me exercises and would try many techniques, often going over time on an appointment. She's a lovely lady who knows her stuff! My stiff neck greatly improved and i had a lot more movement. I'd highly recommend Tracey!


Bowen Me Client

Just a note to anyone considering having a treatment with Tracey that it is well well worth while. I don't have any significant ailments, however need a balance up every 6-8 weeks. I had previously gone to physio, massage and acupuncture all of which were "ok". I wasn't sure about Bowen, but having seen Tracey for 18 months now I wont be stopping. I have found Bowen with Tracey to be gentle, yet effective and targeting my area's needing treatment as well as essentially feeling free and balanced upon leaving (or if needed after a few sessions in a few weeks). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tracey and the Bowen treatments she provides.

Mitchell Edwards

Bowen Me Client